Friday, March 27

How do you spell hypocrisy? S-E-I-U!

UUR (International organizers and some other staff) are picketing SEIU's DC HQ today to protest the layoffs!

And here's a video, unfortunately via some asshole from the union busting "Center for Union Facts".

A report from the Associated Press says:
Dozens of employees of the Service Employees International Union are picketing their own union over its decision to lay off about 75 workers.

The staffers marched outside SEIU headquarters in Washington chanting, "Justice for all, not just some."

The Union of Union Representatives, which represents SEIU organizers and field staff, has filed unfair labor practice charges and age and race discrimination claims against the union.

SEIU spokeswoman Michelle Ringuette calls the complaints meritless and says the layoffs were made because the union is shifting organizing work away from its national office to local unions.

She calls the protest "a sign of a thriving Democratic movement" and says the union hopes to work out the dispute.

What is Perez Stern?

SEIU staff and officers think they can hide in the dark. Already in their hostile takeover of UHW they've injured members, held boss-style captive audience meetings for staff, and refused to give us their names.

Andy Stern and his appointees love to think they're rich, famous, powerful, and accountable to no one. A member led union just doesn't fit in with their plans for stardom! They like to drive around in SUVs with tinted windows, acting like they (literally) own the place.

So if they want to be famous, let's help them! If you're an SEIU member or employee, tell Perez what the SEIU trustees and appointees are up to, and help them feel just like Paris Hilton.

If you have a story or pictures for Perez, email him at We promise to respect your anonymity, but we encourage you to use your real name if you can.

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